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Scarborough Claims Trump Has Changed…Forgetting Birtherism, Central Park Five and Alicia Machado

‘What a Hoot!’ Chris Matthews Mocks Hannity for Comparing Russia Probe to ‘Birther Conspiracy’

Sean Hannity Compares Russia Investigation to ‘Birther Conspiracy’

Jesse Watters on Trump’s Birtherism: He Was ‘Just Having a Little Fun’ at Obama’s Expense

Chris Matthews: ‘Why Would Anybody Believe’ Trump After His Years of Birtherism?

Spicer Complains About Misreported Birthplace; CNN’s Tapper Trolls Him With a Reference to Birtherism

‘Ok Birther Theory Guy’: Patriots Player Fires Back at Critics of His Decision to Skip White House

Report: Trump Actually Born in Pakistan, Ineligible for Presidency #BirthersBack

NBC’s Katy Tur Says She’d Be Surprised if Trump Apologized to Obama for Birtherism

Breitbart Accuses Clinton of Starting Birther Movement… Less Than a Day After Admitting She Didn’t

Tapper: Why Did WH Invite 9/11 Truther Macklemore After Waging ‘War’ on Birthers?

Michelle Obama: Trump’s Birtherism Can’t Just Be ‘Swept Under the Rug’

‘I Think I Did a Good Job’: Trump Defends Birther Past, Clinton Pounces

‘Shame on You’: Omarosa Scolds Chris Hayes for Asking About Birtherism

Mark Halperin Not Sure How Much ‘Real People’ Paid Attention to Trump Birther Lies

Trump Says for 1st Time Why He Dropped Birtherism: ‘I Wanted to Get On with the Campaign’

Lindsey Graham Says Trump Should Apologize for Birtherism

‘That’s a Load of Crap’: Colbert Flips Out Over Trump’s Birther Lies

Samantha Bee Rips the Media for Getting Suckered into Trump’s Birther Conference

‘Facts Do Matter’ — CNN’s Don Lemon Chides Trump Supporter Trying to Defend Birtherism Lies

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