Alex Guarnaschelli Admits: ‘You Have a Shelf-Life on TV’

Well, someone had to admit it — chefs know how they gotta make a buck or too, and fast.

That includes Food Network star Alex Guarnaschelli, who spoke at a SOBEWFF panel about the reality of being a chef and a TV personality. The Associated Press picked up her quotes on being a celebrity chef, and how that can be tough. Uh huh. Because as Guaranschelli said to the panel, “you have a shelf-life on TV” — which we can only assume to mean that as soon as you’re over a certain age (yay for being a woman!), you’re kaput.

Guarnaschelli also discussed her homesick feelings for cooking every day, which cooking on TV doesn’t necessarily allow for. And as the AP notes:

She recently took a hiatus from cooking because she felt “fried” and instead turned to teaching — “Having students was so inspiring.” But the departure lasted just a year and she went right back to cooking — and cooking on television.

Slight burn there, AP.

[The Associated Press]

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