Breakfast Links: Go Work for Dominique Ansel

Job Listings (Culinary Agents)
Yes, it’s a full-time job with benefits as a pastry cook in the hothothothot bakery of Dominique Ansel. Burnish your resume, or at the very least, steal his cronut recipe; we don’t care. (Or maybe fall in love with him forever.)

Oceana Report Sheds Light On Staggering By-Catch Problem In U.S. Fisheries (HuffPost)
According to a new report, US fisheries “discard about 17 percent to 22 percent of everything they catch every year” — and those include injured whales, sharks, dolphins, and sea turtles caught in drag nets. Your tuna salad ain’t looking so delicious anymore, innit?

The (non) portrait of Marina O’Loughlin, a popular and dreaded gastronomic critic in the UK (Identità Golose)
The faceless Marina O’Loughlin was apparently once not anonymous, when she worked as the restaurant critic of a free paper. “But back then everyone laughed at the idea of a free paper employing good writers so nobody paid me the slightest bit of attention,” she explains. (That’s because we’re totally Marina O’Loughlin.)

In California, Chefs Fight for Bare-Hand Contact (AP)
Though California is “behind” in the glove-wearing game, the state’s restaurants are still fighting what they claim is an unnecessary, punitive law (California loves making unnecessary, punitive laws).

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