Breakfast Links: Rangers Cronuts! Rangers Salty Pimps from Big Gay Ice Cream!

Limited-Edition Rangers Cronut Debuts Next Week (Grubstreet)

Hockey food, love! But Big Gay Ice Cream because every hockey player should get a salty pimp. Meanwhile …

Blackhawks Fans Sabotages L.A. Restaurant … Tells Kings to Go F*ck Themselves (TMZ)

Heh, heh, heh.

Most California Residents Support A Soda Tax To Fight Obesity (Reuters)

Sanity is happening, people, you’re welcome.

Organization for at-risk Israeli teens raises consciousness in Bergen County (New Jersey Jewish Standard)

Everyone’s hero Art Smith will be doing a demonstration and autograph signing to help raise funds for ELEM, an organization to help immigrants in Israel. (Oh, and he’s also being adorable at DC Pride, but we digress.)

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