WATCH: Daniel Humm Teaches You How To Make Eleven Madison Park-Worthy Holiday Dishes

Want to impress your friends with a fancy, Eleven Madison Park-grade meal, but you can’t figure out what sauce to spoon-push and what minimalist meat and veg combination to lay over that sauce? Daniel Humm to the rescue!

He stopped by GMA this morning to demo a dish out of Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook, where all of the above was covered, and in a charming Swiss accent, to boot!

Daniel took perfectly round cuts of beef tenderloin topped with an herb-mushroom crust, and sliced them into half circles to rest on atop a schmear of butternut squash puree. He acknowledged how crazy the holidays must be for non-celebrity James Beard Award winners (we appreciate your attempt to sympathize with us normals, Daniel), and assured that this recipe, paired with a salad of radicchio, fresh mozzarella, mango, basil, and olive oil was super simple.

Check out the clip of Humm hobnobbing with the laypeople below.

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