WATCH: Gail Simmons Gets A Vampire Bite From Peter Facinelli

Gail Simmons and Twilight patriarch Peter Facinelli were Andy Cohen’s guests on a Top Chef Wednesday Watch What Happens Live and, naturally, an innocent Q & A went all vampy on us. A fan wrote in asking Peter if he’d ever been asked to bite a fan. He admitted that he had, and that he had obliged the lucky Twi-hard, which prompted Andy to ask if he’d bite Gail. (Side note: Gail Simmons freely admits that she, too, is obsessed with Twilight.) Then this happened:

“He’s a professional!” Gail remarked after the ordeal. And this was pre-tequila shotski!

During the course of the evening, Gail also referenced Paul Qui’s vegetable dashi as her favorite Top Chef dish in recent memory, admitting that it’s a difficult question for her to answer because taping is “a blur. We drink a lot.”

As for this season’s hottest cheftestant? You might be surprised, but, without missing a beat, Gail revealed her hottest Top Chef to be Kristen Kish! We get it. We’re dead suckers for Rachel Maddow hair, too.

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