Last Call: Gwyneth Paltrow Considers California-Themed Pop-Up Resto In London

AZ Central: Gwyneth Paltrow dreams of sushi opening a California-themed pop-up restaurant in London, probably with her good friend Mario Batali. How quickly until this idea is dead in its crib like the last Gwynnie resto rumor?

Yahoo! News: Calling all burger-lusting New Yorkers! Are you dying to know what’s coming when West Coast burger chain Umami Burger finally opens in the West Village? Says founder Adam Fleischman: Peking duck burgers. Ew, wait, what? Really?

Huffington Post: From the annals of Reddit today: here’s what a pizza looks like when you have an epic stoner moment, accidentally forget about baking it, and leave it fully cooked in the oven for a few weeks. Hint: it looks less like food and more like a pet.

Saveur: Three words, nerds: graphic food memoir. As in, a graphic memoir about food, not memoir about graphic foods. You know what, just look at Lucy Knisley’s beautiful art.

New York Times: National hotel chains are allegedly putting forth a concerted effort to serve a lot more locally sourced ingredients in their dining rooms, in an effort to please The Traveling Foodie. We’re still suspicious about this, but it’s in the New York Times!

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