Last Call: Buy All The Twinkies Before They’re Gone

Grub Street: Hostess is in talks with their biggest labor union to try and make a deal to save the country from bankruptcy. In the meantime, start stockpiling snack cakes, just in case.

Gawker: Police arrested a man they found walking along the side of the road, naked, and covered in Crisco. He told them he was “looking for a place to party”. Wherever it is he was headed, that is not somewhere we ever want to go.

Eater: A website designed to call out bad tippers has gone so far as to post their personal information and call them terrible and racist things. The lesson here: tip your servers, because otherwise things like this happen and then everyone looks bad. (Plus, servers deserve it!)

The Daily Meal: A town in Italy is selling bottles of wine with pictures of Hitler on the label. Who actually thought that was a good idea?

Delish: Coca Cola may be adding alcoholic options to their Freestyle machines. Now adults have a reason to mix all of the fountain drinks together again.

Huffington Post: An awesome infographic uses your preferred style of eggs to see what it says about who you are as a person. Although, if a ghost needs to be informed of their after-life crisis through their eggs, there’s probably some more important things they should be worried about.

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