Last Call: Happy Anniversary, Art Smith and Jesus Salgueiro!

Twitter: Immaculate chef-artiste couple and The Braiser’s unofficial fairy godfathers Art Smith and Jesus Salguerio are celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary today. Cheers to them!

BBC: Beyonce’s post-Mrs. Carter Show: The Essex Leg meal? A £1,500 fried chicken, order, natch. (We assume some of the crew got in on this, too, but if not, no judgment.)

New York Times: Amidst a spirited debate about whether or not restaurant critics should have an expense account, Pete Wells storms into The Pines like his name is El Niño for a review with wads of hundreds in his pockets, because they don’t take cards. Baller status.

Grub Street: The September cronut flavor has been revealed, and it’s fig and mascarpone, which sounds perfect for fall, because everything Dominique Ansel touches is perfect. Marcia Marcia Marcia.

Eater: São Paulo’s Helena Rizzo of Mani has been named the Veuve Clicquot Latin America’s 2013 Best Female Chef. Holla atcha ladychefs!

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