Last Call: Jason Segel Plus Maple Syrup Heist Equals Good Movie Idea

Deadline: Jason Segel is to star in an upcoming movie about a Canadian maple syrup heist. A comedy with dramatic overtones, the story is apparently based on real events as reported in the Montreal Gazette by journalist Anne Sutherland in 2012.

Zagat: April Bloomfield is opening up a new Italian restaurant in San Francisco and served something other than pork at Feast Portland.

Grubstreet: Daniel Boulud reveals a dramatic trailer for new cookbook Daniel: My French Cuisine out October 15th. Complete with a wink.

Twitter: So Dan Barber and Ferran Adria walk into a Shake Shack line…and they wait, just like the rest of us.

Vimeo: Shake Shack’s Cronut Hole Concrete Day 2013 collab with Dominique Ansel Bakery raised over $5,300 that will jointly benefit the NYC Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association (PBA) Widows and Children’s Fund, as well as the Madison Square Park Conservancy. Score!

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