Last Call: Julia Child ‘Had a Really Sexual Relationship with Food’

TIME: The bar director at the Museum of Sex’s new lounge thinks Julia Childhad a really sexual relationship with food and connected to it on a visceral level.” So, food-sex exhibit soon?

Grub Street: A gaggle of food bloggers in the UK are freaking out over Nigella Lawson being anti-feminist, after an interview she gave in which she completely brilliantly defends feminism. …Is this like the aluminum/alumin-i-um thing?

New York Magazine: Balthazar prep cooks can peel up to eight potatoes a minute. What have you ever done with your life? That’s what we thought. Here’s a video of it for you to watch while you mourn your own inadequacy.

NBC News: Food Stamp benefits are being slashed just in time for the holidays, because Congress is a helpful lawmaking entity! …

Esquire: Read this Josh Ozersky piece on Banksy’s latest McDonald’s installation, because it makes our heads hurt less than Josh’s piece on his relationship with “ladyblogs.”

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