LAST CALL: Marrying a Chef Is Like Marrying a Normal Person, Weird

The Huffington Post: Did you know that it takes patience and passion to marry a chef? Because those are attributes that aren’t needed in a normal person marriage, no? (May not want to mention this to Charles Saatchi any time soon.)

Lucky Peach: We know it’s a couple of days after Halloween, but we just really appreciate that Lucky Peach took the time to jam their arms into Pringles cans and blog about it. “If a fool asks what you’re supposed to be, say ‘I couldn’t put on my costume, I got my arms stuck in these Pringles cans.'” Genius!

Eater: Alex Atala’s back at it, talking about Brazilian ingredients, “high gastronomy” and food snobbery, and passion in cooking. Feel free to cook for us anytime, Alex.

Washingtonian: Hugh Acheson talks a bit more about his new pickling book, his love of Rick’s Picks (we love those pickles too!), and his new CSA_focused book. And what to do with kohlrabi. Which would be helpful if we knew what kohlrabi was.

Associated Press: Breathe easy — your beloved Sriracha isn’t going anywhere. Unless you still live by that factory, where breathing probably won’t be easy.

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