Last Call: New York Times Gives Sushi Nakasawa 4 Stars, Minds Blown

New York Times: We don’t know if you know this, but the idea of a sushi restaurant — even a $150-a-head one with a 21-piece tasting menu — getting a four-star New York Times review is insane. It happened, though. With that Jiro protege who cried in Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

The New Potato: Jean-Georges Vongerichten announced that he’s working on a raw/vegan concept, which we can only assume means he’s in cahoots with Jay Z.

Modern Farmer: Would you like to see a photo of a sheep being birthed? See #4 on celebrity shepherd Craig Rogers’ listicle “10 Things I’ve Learned from Lambs.”

Grub Street: Then, thank your lucky giblets for shepherds like Craig while you read these 12 most horrific parts of Rolling Stone’s factory farm exposé.

Today Show: The Superbowl has officially ruled to ban tailgating at this season’s Metlife Stadium festivities. In other news, we no longer live in America.

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