Last Call: Your Quickfire Challenge, Sponsored By Toyota, Is To Cook This Car

The Onion: Last night on Top Chef, the cheftestants faced their toughest challenge yet when they were asked to butcher and prepare a whole 2013 Toyota Avalon.

The Daily Meal: Our friends over at TDM rounded up the worst of Cosmo Magazine’s food-related sex tips so that we didn’t have to. We’re so sorry you had to read all those sex tips, TDM — and we say that to both your male and female employees.

Racked: Padma Lakshmi is launching a jewelry line with the Home Shopping Network, and during this interview, somehow puts the words “sexy,” “seeds and leaves,” and “dangling” into one sentence. Stop humping trees, Padma!

Grub Street: Michelle Obama tweeted out a recipe for home-made kimchi from her official First Lady twitter account. She also made a batch in her own kitchen. And this is how Red Dawn begins, folks.

Serious Eats: Alton Brown sits down with editor Ed Levine to talk about technology and its future impact on the food publishing world.


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