WATCH: Celebrity Chefs Give Each Other Ridiculous Tips for TV, Michael Voltaggio Eats Salad From a Shoe

Allen Salkin, author of the staggering expose entitled From Scratch: Inside the Food Network has embarked upon a fun publishing postmortem and composed a series called “Things I Encountered Researching My Book.”

One of those things was sitting in on a panel discussion hosted by Michael Voltaggio and Susan Feniger, among others, in which they teach young whippersnappers how to handle themselves on live cooking segments. For example: what to do when the host gets away from you and asks you to compose a Cobb salad inside his shoe. (Voltaggio is apparently the expert on this having done both Fallon and Conan. We’re pretty sure that if chefs simply avoid these rookie mistakes, they’re probably golden.)

Check out a video of Wishful Training For Impending Celebrity below.

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