WATCH: Mint Juleps Are ‘Made For The Ladies,’ Jim Beam’s Grandson Tells Al Roker

Welp, it looks like everyone on-location at Churchill Downs on this morning’s Today Show began partaking in the mint juleps a lit-tle early. (Pre-6:00 AM? Probably.) Al Roker was the lucky anchor who snagged the mint julep demo, featuring the grandson of Jim Beam, and Chief Distiller at [pregnant pause]…Knob Creek.

So why choose mint juleps this Kentucky Derby weekend?

“Well, a mint julep is a fresh, easy to drink drink, y’know, made for the ladies, a little sweet, essence of mint, sip on it for…all day,” Fred Noe slur-splained.

Thanks for clearing that one up for us ladies. Certainly none of us birds ever drink bourbon on the rocks, without sweetener of any kind, or — clutch our pearls — neat. No, no, no. We need lots and lots of sugar with our alcohol to get properly sauced.

And then he punctuates his inane food-gendering by “spanking the mint” with Al Roker. So, this segment went well.

Here’s a little tip, lady to lady: for the love of god, do not ruin a perfectly good julep by making it with shitty Jim Beam bourbon. Stay classy, Woodford Reserve!

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