The Top 10 Chefs You Need To Know In Cleveland

New York may be a culinary mecca, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of food talent. As such, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to highlight celebrity, notable, or otherwise up-and-coming chefs you should know about across the country.

Whether you’re taking a trip to Louisville and looking for a great place to eat (Ed Lee’s restaurant, duh), or are a Charlottesville local who wants to know which chefs you can defend to the self-righteous hometown death (particularly if they secure a spot on Top Chef or Chopped), we’re here to give you the heads up on which chefs you need to know in your city — and why.

This week’s edition? Top 10 Chefs You Should Know: Cleveland. Certain hometown James Beard Award-winning authors are the first to admit there’s just a touch of chain restaurant addiction plaguing The Cleve, and perhaps more than a touch of general, area-wide kvetching about how much “downtown” “fine dining” costs. For the uninitiated of the Cleveland food scene, start forking over your hard-earned cash at these chefs’ restaurants. For those of you who already know and love these guys, brush your shoulders off.

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