Tonight In Food TV: Tom Colicchio Gets Really Excited Over Stuffing

Tonight’s Life After Top Chef aims to soothe your Thanksgiving dinner preparation anxieties by following Jen Carroll and Richard Blais as they open a pop-up restaurant and The Spence, respectively. Are you finding out a mere 24 hours before go-time that you have half a dozen unexpected cousins crashing your meticulously planned T-Gives dinner? See: Jen Carroll, who was surprised (by Spike Mendelsohn, no less) with an extra 6 guests for her sold-out 40-seat pop-up. Of course, she can’t turn them away because Spike The Übermensch brought investors. Whatta guy. Check out a sneak peek below.

Then, on Top Chef, Tom Colicchio and Emeril Lagasse take two teams of cheftestants and pit them against each other for a friendly holiday face-off. The two judges will each lead teams through a Thanksgiving dinner challenge, cooking right alongside them. And leave it to the holidays to bring out Tom’s adorable side. He gets real excited over stuffing, y’all.

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