WATCH: Anthony Bourdain Discovers the Secret to Social Media Fame (In-N-Out)

Last night, Anthony Bourdain and Jimmy Kimmel shot the breeze on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and in between tales of having a trained killer for a wife and constantly disappointed Italian in-laws, Bourdain revealed his secret to becoming a Social Media Presence: photos of In-n-Out Burgers.

“I could tweet a picture of myself wrestling naked with the Dalai Lama, or Instagram that, and get 7,000 ‘likes,'” he told Kimmel. “Tweet a photo of an In-n-Out Burger sitting on a table? 30,000 ‘likes’ in ten minutes.”

We need to test this theory. We’re gonna try that later today with a True In-n-Out story, and see what happens. In the meantime, enjoy this interview.

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