WATCH: Le Creuset Drops Acid, Goes To Seizure-Inducing Monkey World to Find Danny Bowien’s Chicken Recipe

There are two explanations for this video, the first in a weeklong series made by Lucky Peach:

1)  Le Creuset teamed up with the food magazine to create this series, in which “fearless friends [go] in search of Chef Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese’s top-secret chicken wings recipe.”

2) You have just consumed a bucket of Danny Bowien’s psychedelically-spicy, amygdala-melting chicken wings in the middle of a Hello Kitty store while watching Adventure Time on your phone, except now, Jake the Dog is a girl cucumber, and the Ice King is a Le Creuset dutch oven. Thanks, Le Creuset!

Either way, this is not for people easily prone to seziures.

[Le Creuset]

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