CJR’s Kyle Pope: Time to Change Coverage of Trump’s Fake News Claims, Focus on ‘Real Threat to Journalism’

Earlier this week, Columbia Journalism Review’s Kyle Pope wrote a piece stating that we needed to “reassess how we cover” both President Donald Trump and the media. He noted that Trump is “fully aware that his war against the press is one of the few things that is working for him.” Therefore, what would happen if journalists let his more “inane messages die.”

Pope appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources this morning to discuss his column with host Brian Stelter. After Stelter delivered an essay on the anti-journalism mentality that is becoming more prevalent in politics, he then stated that he thinks anti-media attacks by the president are a big story. The CNN host then asked Pope if he though the press was spending too much time covering Trump’s tweets, as he suggested in his piece.

“I think it’s a big story, too,” the CJR editor and publisher noted. “The president has probably tweeted 100 times that CNN is fake, The New York Times is failing. The Washington Post makes up things. None of that is true. But he keeps saying it. If he says it the 101st time, do we keep giving it the same amount of airplay?”

He added, “I think it’s time for us to think about recalibrating. How can we reach people with this critical message that there is a real threat to journalism? You had Ben Jacobs on. That was a real thing that happened.”

Pope went on to point out that everything is being undercovered by the media as they focus on Trump’s tweets, including “a lot of threats against the media at the state and local level.”

Watch the exchange above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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