Dennis Miller Endorses Herman Cain: ‘Can I Tell You How Jazzed I Am About This Cat?’

Conservative talk show host and SNL alum Dennis Miller officially endorsed Herman Cain today on his radio program.

“Can I tell you how jazzed I am about this cat? How proud I am of him hanging in there?” Miller gushed in regards to the former Godfather Pizza CEO. “This guy’s the one who makes sense to me, he’s a sweet man, he’s not self-aggrandizing. When the results (of the Florida Straw Poll) came in, I was over the moon.”

Miller suggested an idea for Herman Cain’s next bumper sticker: “Cain Versus Not Able.”

“I’d like to thank (Dennis Miller) for his support,” Cain said on his official Twitter feed. “I look forward to working with him as we continue our journey to the White House!”

Cain has been on a roll since his strong debate performance last Thursday and his victory in the Florida Straw Poll. Miller’s endorsement is sure to add more spring to the former pizza king’s step.

Listen to Miller’s endorsement, via his radio show, below:

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