‘Everybody Knows He’s Lying!’ MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Hugh Hewitt Battle Over Obamacare ‘Lies’

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt certainly has an affinity for engaging with MSNBC pundits, and so he invited MSNBC’s Joy Reid on his show Tuesday for a spirited debate about whether President Obama lied about promising people could keep health care plans if they liked them.

Reid briefly defended Obama from low poll numbers, attributing them to a “bad news cycle,” before arguing that Obama never lied on health care, it was a sin of “compression.” She meant that the normally detail-oriented Obama omitted specifics in order to deliver a clear message to the American people, which she acknowledged was a big mistake.

She dismissed the idea Obama lied as an “absurd argument” and downplayed the insurance plan cancellations, but Hewitt shot back, “It doesn’t count if the president only lies to 15 million people?” Reid insisted Obama just “compressed” and told Hewitt, “I know this is the line you’re doing because your audience can’t stand Barack Obama.”

They went back and forth with Obama’s credibility issues on this issue, though Reid did agree that “the White House has done a terrible job of messaging” on health care.

Listen to the audio below, via the Hugh Hewitt Show:

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