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Joe Scarborough: Hannity is ‘State-Run Television’

Over the last few month, Fox News has doubled and tripled down on Donald Trump. The water carrying on Russia and other scandals has increasingly led to whispers in Mediaite — and elsewhere of “state run” media.

It was a theme happily taken up on Monday morning by Joe Scarborough. On Morning Joe, the former Republican and current GOP Cassandra, took a swipe at his age-old rival Sean Hannity, bluntly calling his nightly Fox program “state run television.”

The dig came as Scarborough recapped the Trump’s disastrous and changing series of explanations about Donald Trump Jr,’s meeting with a Russian lawyer — which now appears to have included a clown car of other officials and Putin apparatchiks.

“If you look at what Jay Sekulow was forced to go out and say last weekend on the Sunday shows, if you look at the statement that the President of the United States signed off on with all the president’s men around him on Air Force One, coming back from Europe, lying, lying to the New York Times lying to the American people, saying this meeting was just about adoption,” said Scarborough.

The tirade continued by lacing into Hannity — and Don Jr.’s instantly infamous appearance on the show.

“Then the next day lying about the people that were in it. Then going on a T.V. show that basically a state-run television and being asked at the end of that T.V. show, is there anything else that we don’t know about? and Don Jr. saying that’s it.”

… “A T.V. show” — we see what you did there.

From their respective perches at Fox News and MSNBC, the prickly network hosts have traded barbs over the airwaves and Twitter. Hannity, who has taken to calling Scarborough “Liberal Joe” routinely mocks his rival for over-the-top Trump freak-outs, while Scarborough has accused Hannity of being obsessed with him.

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