Limbaugh: All Reporters Do Is ‘Kiss Butt’ and Obama Still Shutting Them Out

Michelle Obama is traveling to China this week, but no reporters will be accompanying her on the trip, stirring a new wave of complaints about transparency and press access from the Obama administration. Rush Limbaugh joined in on Wednesday, responding to a caller’s complaints about the White House throttling and controlling the media.

Limbaugh said the press’ irritation and complaints about the lack of access don’t hold water because they “want to get in and kiss butt.” He explained, “They don’t want to cause trouble for them, and even at that the Obamas are keeping them out.”

Limbaugh also bemoaned how there is “no investigative journalism going on” any more, and all the people going into the field these days say they joined up to “make the world a better place” or “spread equality” or “do investigative journalism,” but that last one rarely happens.

Listen to the audio below, via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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