Limbaugh on ‘Uncle Tom’ Outcry: No One Cares When Black GOPers Get Called It

Rush Limbaugh today reacted to the outcry over his “Uncle Tom” comment yesterday about black Democrats voting for Republican Thad Cochran. Limbaugh found it amusing that when he says it, the media goes nuts, but when Democrats say the same thing of black Republicans, no one cares.

He said, “Republican blacks are disparaged, they are impugned, they are ripped to shreds, called Uncle Toms, traitors, you name it.” He went after CNN’s John King in particular for taking him out of context and pointed to the way Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran exploited race to beat Chris McDaniel.

But on the blowback against him, Limbaugh charged there’s a huge double standard at play.

“Somebody needs to explain to me why my referring to black voters who vote for Republicans as Uncle Toms is somehow right up to the edge of racism, but it isn’t when everybody else does it. Democrats, civil rights leadership, they all refer to traitorous blacks who vote Republican as Uncle Toms.”

Listen to the audio below, via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

[h/t Daily Rushbo]
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