Limbaugh Zings Scarborough Over Huntsman Support: He Wants To Be ‘A Favorite Son Of The Left’

Following Joe Scarborough‘s comments that all that was left in the GOP race was “big government conservatives” in the wake of Jon Huntsman exit from the Republican nomination race (see below), radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh lit into the MSNBC host, saying he was attempting to curry favor with his network’s executives. “I think that’s what you say when you have to keep your job at a liberal network,” Limbaugh jabbed.

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“I think that’s what you say when you’re trying to make a move,” Limbaugh continued, criticizing Huntsman as liberal on many issues. “If you’re a known conservative and you’re trying to make a move to the center and become a favorite son of the left. It’s what you say. It’s where you work.”

Listen to Limbaugh zing Scarborough below:

(h/t Daily Caller)

Watch Scarborough’s earlier remarks in support of Huntsman below via MSNBC:

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