MacGruber Trailer Looks Explosively Awesome

People scoffed when they heard that Saturday Night Live recurring sketch “MacGruber” starring comedian Will Forte was being turned into a full-length feature film. Something about the ending being spoiled. Well — that’s all in the past, because the trailer’s out and it looks pretty damn awesome.

This looks like it’s not just for fans of SNL or even comedy nerds — MacGruber looks like it’s an action-packed good-time flick with some impressive names attached — yep that’s Val Kilmer as the bad guy, and Ryan Phillippe as a sidekick, plus SNL fan-favorite Kristen Wiig, who has enjoyed big-screen success with roles in Adventureland, Knocked Up and Whip It. (This movie also looks pretty easy on the eyes — a long way from A Night At The Roxbury.) Anyhow, this looks like a seriously good time, and is already blowing up online. NB: This is the redband trailer, so it’s NSFW. There may be a glimpse of MacGruber ass. you’ve been warned.

Steve Krakauer’s Exclusive Interview With Will Forte About “MacGruber” [Mediaite]

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