Nevada Panel Rejects Bill to Legalize Presidential Election Gambling

People bet and gamble on everything, but should it be legal to place bets on presidential elections? Well, you’d figure if it was legal, it’d be the state that’s home to Sin City, right? Nope. Because this week a Nevada panel rejected a proposal to legalize gambling on the race for the presidency.

Democratic State Senator Tick Segerblom pushed for this bill to allow Nevada sports books to take bets on presidential elections, so finally, people would have a reason to be invested in the future of their country. And I’m only half-joking about that, because one Vegas oddsmaker argued election gambling would bolster voter turnout. Why? “It’s the first time you can actually have a say in the outcome of your money.”

However, a state committee swiftly rejected the proposal. One state senator said, “I think that something as import as elections, as opposed to games, should not be the subject of wagering in our state.”

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