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Oklahoma Officials Release 911 Call Following ‘Bored’ Kids Killing Athlete Chris Lane

Adding another layer of insight into the tragedy on Wednesday afternoon, Oklahoma officials released a witness’ 911 call following last week’s fatal shooting of 22-year-old college athlete Chris Lane.

The caller, identified as Joyce Smith, told the operator she was driving in her car Friday afternoon when she saw Lane collapse on the side of the road with a bloodied back. When she got a hold of the emergency operator, Lane was already unconscious.

Smith said Lane was gasping for air, making a “huh, huh, huh” sound. She added that another witness had seen Lane get shot by someone in a moving vehicle.

Several minutes into the call, Smith becomes distraught, telling the operator: “I hear no sirens. I see no lights. Oh my gosh, how long is it gonna be?” Another woman attempted to perform CPR on Lane. A few minutes later, Smith tells dispatch that Lane had ceased to breathe.

The Australian-born studen was pronounced dead an hour later at the local hospital.

Listen below, if you must:


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