Hannity Urges Viewers to Troll ‘Fake News’ Tapper and ‘Humpty Dumpty’ Stelter on Twitter

Liberal Twitter Slams McCain For Rushing Back to D.C. to Vote on Obamacare Repeal

Trump’s Speech to the Boy Scouts May Have Broken Boy Scout Rules

Kat Timpf Goes on Fiery Tweetstorm After Allegedly Having Water Dumped on Her: ‘Infantile Bullsh*t’

Twitter Slams The Emoji Movie For ‘Tasteless’ Post Spoofing The Handmaid’s Tale

MSNBC Enjoys ‘Most Watched Weekday Primetime Cable News’ Title for First Time Ever

Twitter Has a Field Day with President Trump Addressing the Boy Scouts of America

Now That Jeff Sessions is Under Legal Scrutiny, It’s Time To Start Seizing His Assets

Huckabee Sanders: Jeff Sessions Visited the White House Today, But Did Not Meet With Trump

Rush Limbaugh: ‘The Republicans Run the Show’ and Need to ‘Start Acting Like It’

WATCH LIVE: President Trump Visits 2017 National Scout Jamboree to Deliver Speech

President Trump’s Health Care Press Event Boasts Nearly Exclusive White Audience

Female College Student Charged with Raping Teen Boy

Twitter Points and Laughs at Bill O’Reilly for Claiming Jared Kushner Looks Too Young to Collude with Russia

Rep. Farenthold Blames Female Senators for Health Care Stalling, Wishes He Could Settle ‘Aaron Burr-Style’

Republican’s Election Ad Invokes GOP Baseball Shooting; Scalise Chief-of-Staff Blasts as Stomach Turning

Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Progressive America: ‘My Hope Is We Will Go Back to the Way It Was’

A Bernie Sanders 2020 Run Isn’t Going to Help Anyone

Scaramucci Told Students Never to Brag About Going to Harvard Law; Brags About Going to Harvard Law

WATCH: President Trump Gives Speech About Health Care LIVE STREAM

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