Soccer Discovers the One Thing That Makes Twitter Shut Up

If you’re on Twitter — or, more likely, its hypercharged cousin Tweetdeck — you know that the thing never stops.

Except, it turns out, for brief moments during World Cup matches. Twitter has been tracking usage during the month-long geopolitics-via-kickball conflagration, and found that nothing makes the thumbs stop like a penalty shot. Look ye upon this graph of Twitter usage during the Brazil v. Chile round of penalty kicks:

That graph represents all of Twitter, not just those tweeting about the World Cup specifically, though the two certainly overlapped during major matches.

As Twitter pointed out, this is just a virtual version of the real-life hush that precedes a penalty kick, followed by the roar of excitement or dejection immediately afterward, though it does not disprove the theory that PKs are a lousy way to settle a tie.

On the other hand, if we can have some penalty kicks during presidential debates and Obama pressers and give the tweeting a break, that would be swell.

[h/t Twitter]

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