U.S. Troops Reportedly Thought Doctors Without Borders Hospital Was Under Taliban Control

WATCH: TV Anchor in Afghanistan Quickly Exits Desk as Earthquake Strikes

BREAKING: 7.5-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Afghanistan; Death Toll Continues to Rise (UPDATED)

Stephanopoulos Baffled When Carson Claims Energy Independence Could Have Led to bin Laden’s Capture

Doctors Without Borders Petitions Obama for Independent Investigation on Hospital Airstrike

Obama Apologizes to Doctors Without Borders For Airstrike on Afghan Hospital

Greenwald Hammers CNN, NYTimes for Misleading Public on Doctors Without Borders Attack

Airstrike Hits Afghan Doctors Without Borders Hospital, Killing 19 (UPDATED)

NY Times: U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Afghan Boys

Bill Murray Is Trapped in Afghanistan in Rock the Kasbah Trailer

Investigators: Woman Beaten to Death After Burning Koran Was Actually Innocent

3 Afghan Soldiers Go Missing in Cape Cod; UPDATE: They’ve Been Found

Afghan Government Asks U.S. for $537 Million Bailout

NY Times Reporter Expelled from Afghanistan

2-Star U.S. Major General Dies in Afghanistan During Attack

Decorated Green Beret Forced to Resign After Affair with WaPo Reporter Revealed

Hillary Clinton Would Consider Keeping U.S. Forces in Afghanistan After 2016

Dem Rep.: Taliban Not Terrorists, ‘Part of the Fabric of Afghanistan’

WATCH: Obama Delivers Statement on Release of U.S. Soldier

Obama to West Point: You Might Be First Post-9/11 Grads to Not Go to Iraq or Afghanistan

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