Alex Witt

Jill Stein: I Attended RT Dinner With Putin to Convince Russia Not to Wage War on Middle East

‘I Didn’t Ask You What President Obama Did’: MSNBC Host Battles GOP Spox on Trump’s ‘So-Called Judge’ Tweet

Whoopsie! MSNBC Plays Fried Chicken Ad In Place of Hillary Clinton Clip During Racism Segment

Omarosa Responds to Trump Attacking Heidi Cruz: ‘I Don’t Remember’ That…

RNC Spokesman Turns Huckabee Debate Back on MSNBC Anchor: ‘Your Own Network Has Problems’

19 MSNBC Hosts and Contributors ‘Advancing the Dream’ 50 Years After Civil Rights March on Washington

Wishful Thinking: MSNBC Graphic Gives Democrats Control Of The U.S. House Of Representatives

Michael Steele And Karen Finney Clash Over Fast And Furious ‘Witch Hunt’ On MSNBC

Chris Hayes Calls Obama Tactic Of Sending Tweets To Donor’s Moms On Mother’s Day ‘Bizarre’

Maddow: Media Should Avoid Candidates’ Families ‘Unless There Is A Hypocrisy Issue’

Melissa Harris-Perry’s New MSNBC Weekend Show Has A Name: Melissa Harris-Perry

Melissa Harris-Perry To Host MSNBC Weekend Show Starting In February

Meghan McCain’s Feud With Gingrich Rolls On: Treatment Of Bachmann Could ‘Obviously’ Be Sexist

Inside Up With Chris Hayes: Behind The Commercial Breaks

Gary Johnson Outs Newt Gingrich? ‘Among 100 Million Americans Who Smoke Marijuana’

Chris Matthews: Obama Team Has Too Many ‘Little Kids With Propellers On Their Heads’

MSNBC Gives Chris Hayes His Own Weekend Show

Mediaite’s Colby Hall: ‘The Nation Raised Their Eyebrows’ At Rep. Weiner When He Could Not Identify Lewd Photo

Obama’s Immigration Speech Gives MSNBC Anchor ‘Chills’– Twice

Pat Buchanan: Either White House Behaved Inappropriately Or Joe Sestak Is ‘Not Stable’

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