Anderson Cooper 360

‘You Can’t Shut Up!’: Matt Lewis Absolutely Unleashes on Fellow CNN Panelist Jay Sekulow

Kirsten Powers Blames Trump For ‘Absolute Rage Towards Reporters’ After Wild Montana Incident

Anderson Cooper to Jeff Lord: If Trump ‘Took a Dump on His Desk, You’d Defend Him’

CNN’s Angela Rye: Obama ‘Had To Be The Next Best Thing To Jesus’

Anderson Cooper Laughs at Himself for Believing ‘Stupid’ ClickHole Parody

Anderson Cooper Confronts Anti-Islam Rally Organizer: Aren’t You ‘Promoting Violence?’

AirAsia Pilot Requested Permission to Fly Above Bad Weather Before Plane Disappeared

Anderson Cooper’s CNN Staff Thinks He Smells Really Bad

The 12 Best Shows on Cable News

Spike Lee: ‘There Is a War on the Black Male’ in America

The 12 Best Shows on Cable News

Anderson Cooper: I’m ‘No Expert’ on Vaginas

Atty. Mark O’Mara on New Zimmerman Drama: Still ‘Suffering’ From Media Spotlight

Oprah Talks Trayvon, Race on CNN: People Think If They Don’t Use the ‘N-Word’ They’re ‘Not Racist’

Bradley Manning’s Father Opens Up To Anderson Cooper: ‘I Still Love My Son,’ But ‘He Had No Excuse’ For Leaking

Anderson Cooper Does Not Know The Difference Between Frogs And Toads

CNN’s John King Lightly Grills George W. Bush On Iraq, But Not WMD

Newtown Mom Nicole Hockley Talks About Autistic Son’s Empathy; His Laughter ‘Was Like Music’

Sandusky’s Lawyer To Anderson Cooper: ‘I Promised The Jury Jerry Would Testify’

Paul Begala On Obama’s Immigration Move: ‘Lincoln Withheld The Emancipation Proclamation’ Over Politics

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