Andrea Mitchell

News Hosts Letting Guests Spew False Info Without Pushback Just as Bad as Fake News

Kellyanne Conway: It’s Not Like Rex Tillerson and Putin ‘Are Godparents to Each Other’s Children’

GOP Strategist to Andrea Mitchell: Trump’s Victory Shows People Voted For ‘End of Identity Politics’

Andrea Mitchell: Democrats Are ‘Very Nervous’ About Michigan

‘Sean, Take a Breath’: RNC Spox Goes Off on MSNBC’s Mitchell for Defending Clinton

Fmr Secretary of State Madeleine Albright Says Trump Is Russia’s ‘Useful Idiot’

MSNBC’s Katy Tur: Trump’s ‘Making It Very Clear’ He Won’t Accept Any Outcome Showing Him Losing

Trump Sr. Advisor AJ Delgado Says ‘Pussy’ Tape Is Only Trump ‘Using Hyperbole’

Hacked Clinton Emails Show CNBC Host John Harwood Constantly Complimenting Hillary

Andrea Mitchell Says Clinton Will Soon Unveil Secret Weapon to Attract Millennials… Al Gore

Andrea Mitchell Points Out That No ISIS Leaders, Only Members, Publicly Pray For Trump Win

Why Didn’t Andrea Mitchell Call Out This Lie That She Knew Was a Lie?

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Invites Clinton to Call Into Show to Prove Trump ‘Wrong’

Neither Major Party Candidate Received Intelligence Briefing After Manhattan Blast Saturday

Did Donald Trump Get His Physical From ‘Dr. John Miller?’

Andrea Mitchell Reminds Trump Campaign Manager That Clinton Does ‘Talk to Voters’

Trump Campaign Manager Changes the Subject to Complain About Clinton Changing Subjects

Clinton’s Press Sec on Lack of Pneumonia Transparency: ‘That’s on the Campaign, That’s on Us’

Hillary Denies Saying ISIS is Rooting For Trump By Explaining How ISIS is Rooting For Trump

Here’s Why Clinton Foundation Must Restrict Donations if Hillary Is Elected

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