Ari Fleischer

‘Dismal Day for Republicans’: Ari Fleischer Slams GOP for Failing to Repeal Obamacare

Ari Fleischer on Off-Camera Briefings: Makes It Less of a ‘Red-Hot TV Show’

Ari Fleischer: Trump Jr. Meeting Wasn’t Collusion, Just ‘Bad Judgment’

Former Bush, Clinton WH Press Secretaries: ‘We Support No Live TV Coverage’ of Briefings

Ari Fleischer Warns Trump: ‘Stop Talking, You’re Heading Into a Giant Perjury Trap’

‘I Don’t Think There’s Anything Wrong’ With What He Said: Ari Fleischer on Trump Blaming Obama for Protests

‘This is Not a Hyperventilation Issue’: Ari Fleischer on White House Blocking Outlets From Gaggle

ABC News Apologizes After Editing Former Bush Spox’s Praise of Sean Spicer to Sound Like Attack

Ari Fleischer: Obama Got ‘Soft’ Coverage for 8 Years and Now the Media’s Changing Its Tune

Ari Fleischer Says He Could’ve Been a Fort Lauderdale Victim if Not For a Last-Minute ‘Pit Stop’

‘Uh-Oh’: Trump’s Call With Taiwan Sets Twitter Ablaze

Former Bush Press Secretary Ari Fleischer Backtracks, Says He’s Not Voting For Trump

Ari Fleischer: ‘Trump Is Personally Offensive… ‘Clinton Is Professionally Offensive’

Ari Fleischer: If O’Reilly Pulled Stunt Like Jorge Ramos, Media Would Flip Out

CBS Choice of Dickerson over Norah O’Donnell to Replace Schieffer is Painfully Wrong; Here’s Why

Brzezinski Mocks Ari Fleischer’s Iran Criticisms: I Hear You Saying ‘Let’s Go to War’

CNN’s Gloria Borger: Netanyahu Politicized the Holocaust

Ari Fleischer: Obama Called Bibi Chickensh*t, Probably

Ari Fleischer Goes off on CNN for Allegedly Ignoring Secret Service Scoop

Bush Press Secretary Ari Fleischer Tweets Riveting Recounting of 9/11

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