Clinton: ‘I Took Responsibility’ For Benghazi Attacks, but Security ‘Wasn’t My Ball to Carry’

Mother of Ambassador Killed in Benghazi Rips GOP, Trump for Invoking Her Son on Campaign

Donald Trump Did Live Fox News Interview Opposite Benghazi Mother’s Convention Speech

Chris Matthews: GOP ‘Ruined Their Evening’ with Benghazi Victim’s Mother’s Speech

Mother of Benghazi Victim at GOP Convention: Hillary’s a Liar Who Should Be in Prison

Hillary Clinton Has Exclusive Emojis But Some of Them Are Pretty Questionable

Loretta Lynch Privately Meets With Bill Clinton Aboard Personal Plane

Scarborough: W.H. Was Worrying About Uniforms and YouTube While Americans Died in Libya

NRA to Run Pro-Trump Ad Attacking Hillary Clinton on Benghazi

Benghazi Victim’s Mother Speaks Out on New Report: ‘I’d Like to See Hillary in Stripes’

Ambassador Chris Stevens’s Family Speaks on Benghazi: ‘Do Not Blame Hillary Clinton’

Gowdy Tears Into the Credibility of Another GOP-Led Benghazi Committee Report

Fox Host: It ‘Doesn’t Bother’ Hillary That People Died in Benghazi

Watch Hilary Slam GOP Spending Cuts Before Benghazi: ‘Detrimental to America’s National Security’

Dem Benghazi Committee Staffer Kicked Out of Press Conference

CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield Angrily Demands to Know the Point of Benghazi Investigation

Reporter Corners Trey Gowdy: Are the ‘Clinton Lied, People Died’ Bumper Stickers True?

Report: Obama Skipped Intelligence Briefing the Day After Benghazi Attacks

Democrats’ Benghazi Report Includes More Trump References Than Two of the Dead Americans

Trump Spox Responds to Clinton Brexit Criticism: Yeah, But What About Benghazi?

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