Bill Nye

Bill Nye Wants ‘Climate Deniers’ To Just Die Already So We Can Save The Planet

Happy Earth Day! CNN Guest Likens Paris Climate Accord To Appeasement of Hitler

‘You’re Doing A Disservice’: Bill Nye Rips CNN For Having Climate Change Skeptic On

‘You Don’t Know!’: Tucker Carlson, Bill Nye Face Off Over Climate Change

Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye to Talk Climate Change on Facebook Live Today

WATCH: Here’s the Trailer For Netflix’s Bill Nye Saves the World

90s Kids, Rejoice: Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ is Getting a New TV Show

Sarah Palin Says Bill Nye’s ‘As Much a Scientist as I Am’

Sound the Alarm: Sarah Palin and Bill Nye Will Appear On a Panel About Climate Change (UPDATED)

Bill Nye Pleads With Reporters: ‘Ask the Candidates About Climate Change Directly’

Bill Nye Returns to Defend Larry Wilmore From Criticism: ‘Let That Sh*t Go!’

White House Hosts 300 Students, Ahmed Mohamed, Bill Nye for ‘Astronomy Night’

Bill Nye to Anti-Abortion Activists: Stop Telling Women What to Do

Bill Nye to CNN: We Don’t Deny Cigarettes Cause Cancer, So Why Deny Climate Change?

Bill Nye Confirms ‘The Universe’ Is Trying to Tell Amy Schumer Something

Obama and Bill Nye Take on ‘Climate-Denier Club’ in Congress

Fox’s The Five Bashes Bill Nye for Flying in Jet on Earth Day

Bill Nye: Let’s Be Honest, Climate ‘Skeptics’ Are Just Deniers

Bill Nye to MSNBC: Please Just Say the Words ‘Climate Change’ Now and Then

Bill Nye: You Should ‘Give a F*ck’ About Climate Change, Not DeflateGate

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