Bruce Springsteen

Springsteen Tribute Group ‘The B Street Band’ Latest to Withdraw From Inauguration Performance

Bruce Springsteen Says He’s ‘Scared’ of Trump: ‘I’ve Felt Disgust Before, but Never…Fear’

Former Secretary of Labor Proposes ‘Freedom Concert’ To Overshadow Inauguration

Bruce Springsteen Calls Trump a ‘Flagrant, Toxic Narcissist’ Who ‘Knows He’s Going to Lose’

Bruce Springsteen: Donald Trump is a ‘Moron’

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Bolling Scolds Springsteen: ‘Fortunate Son’ ‘Derogatory’ to Military

4 Other Songs Springsteen Could’ve Played at ‘Concert for Valor’

Funny or Die Engineers a Conservative Bruce Springsteen to Ensure Midterms Victory

25 Essential Songs About America for Your July 4th Weekend Listening

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Christie Talks Bridgegate, ‘Angry’ Persona, and Springsteen-Fallon Skit in New Interview

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