Actor, Trump Supporter Antonio Sabato, Jr. to Run For Congress in California

Obama Notes the ‘Fragility’ of Progress in First Speech After Vote to Repeal ACA

Susan Rice Declines Request to Testify to Senate on Russia

Jim DeMint Resigns as President of Heritage Foundation

WATCH LIVE: United CEO Oscar Munoz Testifies in Congress Over Passenger-Dragging Controversy

Freedom Caucus Co-Founder: ‘A Lot of Conservatives’ Against Spending Bill

Congress Staves Off Government Shutdown… for One Week

Trump Backs Away from Border Wall Funding Battle Ahead of Potential Govt. Shutdown

Wall Funding Highlights Additional Divisions Between Donald Trump and Steve Bannon

All 100 Senators Going to White House for Briefing This Week on North Korea

‘Absolutely, Positively Not’: Chaffetz Says He’s Not Leaving Congress Due to an Impending Scandal

‘I Might Depart Early’: Rep. Jason Chaffetz Considering Leaving Congress

Jon Ossoff Finishes Below 50%, Georgia’s 6th District Heading to Runoff

Jon Ossoff Can’t Vote For Himself — And it Got Awkward on New Day

Voting Machines Stolen Days Before Georgia Special Election

Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff Replies to ‘Misinformed’ Trump’s Twitter Barb

Trump Signs Bill Letting States Deny Federal Funds to Abortion Providers

From ‘Insane and Dangerous’ to ‘Assad Must Go’: Congress Reacts to Syria Strike

Rep. Jackie Speier: Devin Nunes ‘Did Apologize In A Generic Way’ To Intel Committee

House Dem Stumbles Over Nature: ‘Tarantula’ Putin Weaved ‘Spiderweb’ in U.S.

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