donald trump jr.

‘Need Excuse to Get Out’: Kushner Says He Pulled Fake Phone Call Trick to Bail From Russia Meeting

Fmr. CIA Director Brennan: Don Jr. Meeting ‘Profoundly Baffling’

People Mag: Ivanka Trump is Her Father’s ‘Favorite’

White House Reportedly Told By Mueller To Save All Documents Related to Don Jr. Meeting

Russian Lawyer Who Met With Don Trump Jr. Listed Russian Spy Agency as Client

John Ziegler: How Could Don Jr. Have Not Told His Father About Russian Lawyer Meeting?

Kushner, Trump Jr., and Manafort Expected to Testify to Senate Committees Next Week

Turns Out Trump Supporters Don’t Care if Campaign Colluded With Russia

‘Are You Proud That’s Our President?’ Nicolle Wallace Grills Chris Christie on Trump-Russia Ties

Who is Ike Kaveladze, the Eighth Person in the Don Jr. Russia Meeting?

The Eighth Person from Trump Jr.’s Russian Attorney Meeting Has Been Identified

Trump Aide: My Kids Are ‘Now Going to Community College’ Because of Russia Probe Legal Fees

Jesse Watters Defends Don Jr. on Collusion Charge: ‘Democrats Are Trying to Criminalize Winning’

Anderson Cooper Calls Out Spicer for ‘Demonstrably False’ Statement on Don Jr. Meeting

Christie: Trump Jr. Getting Russian Oppo Research Is ‘Probably Against the Law’

Jake Tapper to GOP Rep.: Are You Bothered by ‘Attempt to Normalize’ Trump Jr. Meeting?

Spicer: Nothing to Suggest Trump Jr.’s Russian Lawyer Meeting Wasn’t About Adoption

Trump Defends Don Jr. Over Meeting With Russians: ‘That’s Politics!’

‘It Defies Logic’: Jack Kingston and Angela Rye Tangle Over Don Jr. Russia Meeting

Come On, We All Know That Trump Is Lying About Not Being Told About Russia Meeting, Right?

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