Election 2012

Of Course: Mitt Romney Charges All Reporters For Access To His Boston ‘Victory’ Event

MSNBC: Exits Show President Obama Overperforming By 8 Pts. With Ohio Working Class Whites

Drudge Reports Battleground Exit Polls ‘Tight’ — With Florida For Romney, Pennsylvania For Obama

Where To Watch Live Election 2012 Results

How To Watch Live Cable News Coverage Of 2012 Election Results Online

Woman In Labor Stops At Precinct To Vote Before Delivering Baby

How To Watch Live Network Coverage Of 2012 Election Results Online

Dan Rather Tells Morning Joe: ‘Something In My Gut Tells Me Romney Will Have A Good Day’

Your Morning Tweet: Mario Batali Is Really Excited About The Democratic Process

Conan Presents The Media’s Fresh Take On The Election: It’s ‘A Little Salty’

Rush Limbaugh Predicts ‘End Of Republican Party’ If Obama Wins Re-Election

Last Call: You Won’t Believe What Mario Batali And Joe Bastianich Used To Eat Together Every Night

Mitt Romney’s Running Mate Paul Ryan Got His Start Waiting Tables At Tortilla Coast

Happy 51st Birthday, Barack Obama! Have A Slice Of This GOP Cake

WATCH: Conan O’Brien Thinks Obama Campaign’s ‘Dinner With Barack’ Is A Sham

Chefs Love Obama? The Top 15 Chef Political Donations

Wolfgang Puck’s Food Raises $15 Million For Obama

Wolfgang Puck Dinner Expected To Raise $15 Million For Barack Obama

Hannity Panel Dissects Obama’s Record, Concludes He’ll Be One-Term President

Professor At Messiah College: Obama May Be ‘Most Explicitly Christian President In American History’

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