Eric Bolling

Fox’s Eric Bolling Will Interview President Trump For Premiere of New Show

Daily Show Compiles Sexist Moments From Fox News to Make ‘Audition Tape’

Bill O’Reilly Reportedly Out at Fox News

O’Reilly Replacement Hosts Struggle With Ratings as Fox News Reportedly Mulls Change

Fox’s Bolling: The Pro-Trump People on Other Networks ‘Aren’t Really Equipped to Defend Themselves’

Fox’s Bob Beckel: Don Lemon’s ‘Exactly Right’ on Susan Rice, ‘This Is a Diversion’

‘This is Going to Save America’: GOP Congressman on American Health Care Act

Fox’s Juan Williams to Co-Hosts: You’re ‘Trying to Distract People from the News of the Day’

My Pick For The Next Fox News Breakout Star

Rand Paul: Trump Sounds ‘Much More Open to Negotiation’ on Health Care Than Paul Ryan

Scarborough Slams Brzezinski Criticism as ‘Sexist’

Fox’s Eric Bolling on Trump Speech: For Now, ‘#NeverTrump-ers Don’t Have an Argument’

Even Fox’s Eric Bolling Says Trump Press Office Shouldn’t Keep Any News Outlets From Briefings

‘You’re Doing Something Un-American’: O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera Battle Over Russia and Flynn

Kimberly Guilfoyle: ‘I Will Spend the Rest of My Life With’ Bob Beckel if the Mexican Wall Isn’t Built

‘It’s Not for Me to Comment’: Kellyanne Conway Punts When Asked About Michael Flynn and Russia

Fox’s Eric Bolling Doesn’t Like That John McCain Is Trying to ‘Undercut’ Trump

‘Oh, I Missed You a Lot’: Watch Bob Beckel Make His Return to The Five

‘We Feel That Way’: Kellyanne Conway Confirms Trump Thinks Intelligence Report is Political

What?! Congressman Hangs Painting in US Capitol Depicting Cops as Animals

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