Free Speech

Twitter is Breaking 2016 Promise to Double Down on Harassment

Senator Feinstein Defends Suppression of Conservative Speakers On College Campuses

Supreme Court Decides ‘Hate Speech’ Is Free Speech

Portland’s Mayor Fundamentally Doesn’t Understand The First Amendment

Yale Honors Graduates Who Fomented Student Mob Against Professors

Huffington Post Apparently Doesn’t Understand How The First Amendment Works

Pence Decries ‘Suppression of the Freedom of Speech’ on College Campuses in Commencement Speech

BBC Threatens to Call Your Boss If You Post Comments They Think Are ‘Offensive’

Trump Campaign Complains About Networks Not Airing Ad: ‘Chilling Precedent Against Free Speech’

Ann Coulter: ‘Why Isn’t it Hate Speech to Keep Telling Me How Hispanics Are Going to Vote?’

Apparently Rob Schneider is Super Mad About Berkeley

‘This is So Much Garbage’: O’Reilly Backs Coulter, Blasts ‘Snowflake Fascists’ in Podcast Tirade

‘Sad Day for Free Speech’: Ann Coulter Cancels Berkeley Speech After Threats of Violence

‘Hate Speech’: Wichita State U. Student Govt. Rejects ‘Dangerous’ Libertarian Group

Social Conservatives’ ‘Free Speech Bus’ Vandalized in NYC

Poll: Most High Schoolers Don’t Think ‘Offensive’ Speech Should Be Allowed in Public

Don’t Attack Nazis, and Don’t Praise Those Who Do

Trump Surrogate Steve Cortes: ‘Burning a Flag Isn’t Speech’ Because It Isn’t ‘Words’

REPORT: North Korean Residents Mock Kim Jong-un, Calling Him ‘Pig’ and ‘Incompetent Child’

Seth Rogen to John Stossel: No, I’m Not the Victim of Anti-Free Speech Attacks

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