Free Speech

No Safe Space?: Pro-Trump Graffitti on Free Speech Wall Leads to Greek Week Cancellation

Former Mizzou Prof Melissa Click Defends Herself in Washington Post Op-Ed

Mizzou Administrator: First Amendment Isn’t ‘Free Pass’ To Say Hateful Things

Mall of America Files Restraining Order Against Black Lives Matter Activists

Yale Students Sign Petition to End First Amendment

Remember When Trump Thought It Was Bad Form for Pamela Geller to Antagonize Muslims?

Princeton Students Stage Sit-In, Demand School Scrubs References to ‘Racist’ Woodrow Wilson

Yale Students Interrupt and Protest Free Speech Panel, Spit on Attendees

NY Court to Trump Team: Do Not Interfere With Protesters’ Rights

Judge Rules Writing ”F*ck Your Sh*tty Town, Bitches’ on Traffic Ticket is Legal

Pataki: People Who Preach Jihad Should Be Thrown in Prison

Reddit Updates Policy, Immediately Bans Several Racist Forums

Reddit Announces New Content Bans for Hateful and Non-Registered Content

Celebrate Freedom by Watching These Americans Burn All Kinds of Flags

Reddit’s Ban of Offensive Subreddits Sparks Calls for Female CEO’s Resignation

Fox’s Bolling Responds to Charge of Free Speech Hypocrisy

Fox’s Eric Bolling Supports Free Speech to Mock Islam but Not to Criticize Police

Megyn Kelly Goes Off: If We Blame Pamela Geller’s Group, ‘The Jihadis Are Winning’

So That Reed College Rape Stats Kid Is Going a Little FUBAR

This Story About Reed College Kid Banned for Challenging Rape Stats Just Got Really Weird

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