Trump Complains in New Interview About Friendship Between Mueller and Comey: ‘Very Bothersome’

Laura Ingraham on GOP: ‘They Can’t Get The Ball Across the Finish Line, They Can’t Even Punt It!’

Sean Hannity: Is Megyn Kelly Proud of NBC Cohort Maddow Pushing ‘Conspiracies’?

Hannity Defends Megyn Kelly, Demands NBC to ‘Release The Tapes’ of Alex Jones Interview

John Oliver: ‘Trump Needs to Stop Lying to Coal Miners!’

Hannity Predicts Things Will Get Worse: ‘I’m Not Buying This National Kumbaya Moment’

Hannity Calls for Mueller and Deputy AG Rosenstein To Recuse Themselves, Resign

Hannity Warns About ‘Forces’ Trying to Stop Trump: ‘This is a Serious Moment of Truth for America’

Hannity Rips MSNBC’s ‘Top Conspiracy Theorist’ Rachel Maddow

Hannity Lauds Chris ‘Mr. Thrill Up His Leg’ Matthews For Defusing Trump-Russia Collusion Story

Fox News Would Be Crazy to Let Sean Hannity Go Anywhere Else

‘Think About How You Would Feel’: Brother of Seth Rich Implores Hannity to Scrap Segment

Dennis Kucinich Joins Sean Hannity in Blasting ‘Deep State’ Attack on Trump

Frequent Fox Business ‘Expert’ Arrested for Felony Fraud and Embezzlement

Trump Campaign Complains About Networks Not Airing Ad: ‘Chilling Precedent Against Free Speech’

Ann Coulter: Berkeley Fracas Shows That Colleges Are ‘Really Outside the Mainstream’

Piers Morgan Rips Chris Matthews for Comments Comparing the Trumps to the Romanovs

Monica Crowley Insists Plagiarism Scandal Was ‘Political Hit Job,’ ‘It’s Been Debunked’

Conway Tears Into ‘Precious Snowflake’ Millennials and Their Anti-Trump Coddling

Trump Attacks NY Times‘ Literary Skills: ‘They Don’t Write Good’

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