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A High School Newspaper Called Up Jim Mattis — And They Got An Interview

News Story About Honors Teen Who May Not Graduate Because of Off-the-Shoulder Top Goes Viral

School Refreshingly Stands by Students After Complaints About American Flag Displays

School Official Apologizes After Racially Motivated ‘Trump!’ Chants at Basketball Game

Poll: Most High Schoolers Don’t Think ‘Offensive’ Speech Should Be Allowed in Public

Here’s a Feel-Good Video of One High Schooler Helping a Bullied Classmate

WATCH: High Schooler Breaks First Rule of Fight Club and Now Parents Are Losing It

High School Honors Student Was Actually Just a Creepy Adult Playing Pretend

Obama Cites Very Specific Reason He Refuses to Speak at Malia’s High School Graduation

Oregon High School Calls Off Winter Dance Over ‘Dirty Dancing’ Concerns

High School Football Coach Defies Warning in Holding Post-Game Prayer

Principal Cancels School Dance Because of the ‘Sexually Suggestive Grinding’

Julianne Moore Seeks to Rid Her High School of Confederate Name

Confederate Flag Debate Trickles Down to High School Sports Teams

What?! Graduation Cheers Met with Arrest Warrants in Mississippi

HS Baseball Player Loses College Scholarship for ‘F*cking N*ggers’ Tirade

High Schoolers Allegedly Hold ‘Anti-Gay Day,’ Complete with Coordinated Flannel

CA High School Gets Rid of Controversial Arab Mascot

Black Teen Claims Teacher Told Him to Call Him ‘Master’

High School Senior Gets in Trouble for Amazing Yearbook Quote

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