Ivanka Trump

Jared Kushner Revises Financial Disclosure Form With Dozens of Assets He Initially Omitted

How Sarah Sanders and the Women of Trumpland Hurt Women

People Mag: Ivanka Trump is Her Father’s ‘Favorite’

Spicer Ducks Questions on Trump, Ivanka Products Made Overseas During ‘Made in America’ Week

Ivanka Trump’s ‘Life’s Mission’ Is to Help Working Women — Just Not the Ones Who Work for Her

GOP Congressman: Trump Should Remove ‘All of His Children From the White House’

Joan Walsh’s Criticism of Ivanka Attire Was Wrong, But Conservative Backlash is Laughably Hypocritical

Joan Walsh: Ivanka Can’t Be A Feminist Wearing Such A ‘Girlie’ Dress At G20 Summit

Krauthammer on Ivanka Sitting In on G20 Session: ‘We’re Not a Monarchy’

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Criticizes ‘Outrageous Attack’ at Ivanka Over G20 Role

Trump: ‘It Would Be So Much Easier for Ivanka’ If She Weren’t My Daughter

Fox News Anchor: Ivanka Trump Qualified to Sit at G20 Because Her Merchandise Is ‘Hot Online’

If Chelsea Had Sat In For Hillary at G20, Conservative Media Would Have Absolutely Freaked

Donald Trump Jr. Defends Ivanka After Criticism Over Her Sitting In on G20 Session

Ivanka Trump Sat In for Her Father During G20 Session

For An Alleged ‘Sexist’, Donald Trump Sure Does Put A Lot Of Trust In Women

Was Merkel’s Husband Trolling Ivanka and Melania Trump With Visit to Climate Computing Center?

Ivanka Trump Wants to End Global Human Trafficking, Ignores Domestic Women’s Rights Issues

Ivanka Trump: My Kids Call Air Force One the ‘Candy Plane’

Ivanka Trump Tells Fox & Friends: ‘I Try to Stay Out of Politics’

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