James Peterson

Progressive MSNBC Guest: We ‘Made the Mistake of Laughing’ at the Tea Party

MSNBC’ers: Media’s Coverage of Obama’s Selfie Mix of ‘Racist and Sexist Stereotypes’ About Blacks

‘Who’s the Whore Now?’ Bashir Gets In Explosive Argument With Tea Party Guest

MSNBC Contributor: Debate Over NSA Is A ‘Privileged Discussion’

MSNBC’s James Peterson ‘More Concerned’ With Republican Legislatures Than Ku Klux Klan

Martin Bashir Guest Savages Hannity And Limbaugh For ‘Hustling Residue Of Racism’

MSNBC Contributor: What’s Happening In Egypt Shows ‘Democracy Has Its Limitations’

MSNBC Guest Blasts Snowden… For Not Saying Obama Is More Transparent Than Bush

MSNBC Contributor On ‘Nonstory’ Of Benghazi Whistleblowers: ‘I’m Not Sure Why This Is A Big Story Right Now’

Tom Brokaw Laments Media Failure To Understand How We And Muslims See Each Other

Morning Joe Goes After The Media: We Can’t ‘Demonize The Entire Religion Of Islam’ Due To Radicals

Bob Schieffer: If Sandy Hook Shooter Had Arab Name, ‘People Would Be Going Nuts’

MSNBC Guest Praises Naked Boehner Protesters For ‘Raising The Real Issues Of Humanity’

Michael Eric Dyson And Ed Show Panel Ask: Has Obama Failed The Black Community?

Ed Schultz Panel Groups Jan Brewer, Allen West And RNC Chair To Chide ‘Divisive’ Rhetoric

Chris Matthews: Do White Voters Hold Black Politicians To A Higher Standard?

Sean Hannity Misunderstands Bill Maher’s “Racist” Republicans Comments

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